Color - the Inspiration

Color is a life-long fascination. It’s come alive through:

  • testing all of the possible combinations in my box of 64

  • fingering bolts of fabric and sewing plaid skirts for the start of the new school year

  • my first introduction to watercolor pencils

  • dyeing thousands of yards of cotton cloth

  • the multitudes of greens in my private garden oasis

  • creating fair isle patterns

  • anticipating the changes in a long run of gradient yarn

  • and now in blending fibers to create complex layers of spinning fibers. 



A bit more about me:

I could hear the snick-snick of pinking shears against the kitchen table before I was born. Fortunate to have a wildly creative mom, I was encouraged to illustrate my poems, sew doll clothes, and learn the Bishop Method of Clothing Construction. Later, I became fascinated with color and transparency as I explored watercolor and dye. Fiber has remained my primary medium - art clothing, quilts, feltmaking, and spinning.